Indian Bridal Jewelry: Beautify The Bride

On the wedding day the Indian bride wants to look best when all when all eyes are set on her. Bride's make up, hairstyle and outfit should be perfectly matched. Her overall look should match her personality. From the bridal outfit to her make up and hairstyle everything should add to her beauty and compliment each other.

Indian Bridal Jewelry Beautify The Bride 
 The Indian bridal jewelry adds special effects to the bride's look and brings out that gorgeous look in her. There is a need to beautify the bride from head to toe for the perfect complete look. Be it a necklace set, or a pendant set, bangles, rings, bracelets or earrings, jewelry is a very important part of Indian wedding. Jewelry can be of gold, silver, diamond or platinum depending on your budget and taste.

Indian Bridal Jewelry Beautify The Bride 
 Indian Bridal Jewelry Beautify The Bride 
 Indian Bridal Jewelry Beautify The Bride 
 Indian Bridal Jewelry Beautify The Bride 
 Indian Bridal Jewelry Beautify The Bride 
 Indian Bridal Jewelry Beautify The Bride 
 Indian Bridal Jewelry Beautify The Bride

Glamorous Ethnic Indian Jewelry

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Jewelry is a apart of the Indian’s women’s culture. You can see it on almost all Indian movies; Indian brides will wear glamorous jewelries from the head to toe. The important of jewelry as a part of Indian culture has been indicated since long time ago. The various forms of Ethnic Indian Jewelry are including Meenakari, Kundankari, Oddiyanam, etc.
The earliest sign of traditional Indian jewelry can be found on the holy Ramayana and Mahabharata which described the ornaments worn by men and women on that age. Then it is continued with the invention of Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilization’s relics which indicating that the God and Goddess on the temples are crafted with rich and glamorous jewelry and ornaments that also can be found on Indian brides.

The jewelries used in the bride’s body are ranging from the “tika” on the forehead up to the ring for the toe. The jewelries has complicated, glamorous and artistic design which implement the feminine side of the user. The common patterns on the jewelries are usually inspired by the mythology and mostly taking the shape of nature, animal, spiritual beings, and unlimited imagination. Each of them is the combination of divine abundance symbol and material blessing which tinged with fashion and aesthetic appeal that make almost every Indian woman looks beautiful and glamorous.

Bridal Jewellery, Indian Wedding

Bridal Jewelry, Indian WeddingBridal jewellery is one of the most significant elements in Indian wedding. Bridal jewellery basically helps in completing the attire and overall look of an Indian bride. Bridal jewellery is of different types. It includes attractive necklace set, pendant set, rings, bracelets, bangles, or earrings and more. In fact, it is very true that bridal jewellery happens to be one of the integral parts of Indian wedding. Generally, bridal jewelleries are made of gold, silver, diamond and even platinum. And it entirely depends on the tastes and likings of the bride and her parents. Budget is another crucial factor that determines the making of bridal jewellery. A large number of options are available nowadays regarding the selection of bridal jewelleries. Like for instance, if the budget is a bit high then one can also opt for designer jewellery.

Types of Bridal Jewellery in India
Bridal jewellery can be of diverse styles and of varied types depending on the occasion. Indian wedding basically comprises several occasions. The pre wedding functions are mainly include sangeet, mehendi and engagement. And for these occasions, the brides usually select light and simple jewellery. For these pre-wedding occasions, a simple gold chain with attractive pendants and gold earrings studded with some precious stones are appropriate. Heavy gold jewelleries are usually worn by the bride on the special wedding day. The bride is usually fully covered with jewellery. In present times, fashion jewellery that is perfectly complimenting the outfit has become more popular. People are also designing their wedding jewellery.

Interestingly, bridal jewellery also differs as per the diverse traditions and styles of different communities of the country. For instance, heavy bridal jewellery with some colored stones matches the traditions of a conservative Punjabi family and on the other hand diamond jewelleries are preferred by Marwari and Sindhi people. One also has the varied options of designer jewellery that is available in various metals, settings and stylish shapes. Extensive varieties of stones are nowadays largely used into bridal jewelries in different colours, and shapes. It includes stones like rubies, emeralds, baguettes, amethyst, citrine, aquamarines, garnet and sapphires. Today, contemporary designs that are sleek and stylish are mostly preferred by the brides nowadays as those are wearable in all occasions. There is a need to revamp the bride from head to toe for the perfect complete look on her special day and jewelleries do all the magic.

Main Bridal Jewelleries in India
The various popular types of bridal jewellery include Maangtika, Necklace, Earrings, Nose Ring, Bangles, Waistband, Anklets, and Toe rings. These jewelries are mentioned as follows -

Maangtika - It is stylish bridal jewellery, which adores the bride`s centre parting. Different styles and designs of Maangtika with colourful gemstones are available. This centerpiece is an elegant piece of jewellery.

Earrings - The reference of earrings depends on the style and colour of the bridal wear. Like for instance, if the bridal attire is in shades of red or maroon or copper brown, then one should prefer gold jewelleries. If it is in pastel colour, delicate pearls and diamonds will suit the best.

Nose Ring - Nose rings are another elegant bridal jewellery piece and it must compliment the colour and style of bridal earring. Nose rings are conventionally called as `Nath`. Nose rings have become a fashion statement today.

Necklace - Necklace is one of the most important and eye catchy bridal jewellery. It is chosen in accordance with designs and styles of the earrings as well as the nose ring.

Bangles - Bangles as well as the bracelets are symbols of rich Indian culture and traditions. Exquisite varieties of bangles are chosen by the brides. Bangle bracelets are also very popular and one must remember that the designs of bangles should match the styles of necklace and earrings.

Ring - Wedding cannot be completed without a ring, which is worn in the index finger. If one is selecting gold jewelleries for the special day then gold ring is perfectly fine.

Waist Band - Waist band is worn with both saris as well as lehngas.

Anklets And Toe rings - Anklets and toe rings are available in different stylish designs and shapes. It gives a stylish look to the bride`s toe flaunting her feet in an elegant manner.

For the summer season, gemstones are perfectly suitable and for the winter season heavy gold work is preferred. Thus, it can be aptly said that bridal jewellery wonderfully adds a charming effect to the entire look of the bride and also makes her look gorgeous.
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Indian brides struggle with high gold prices

NEW DELHI (AFP) — For Indian brides buying jewelry, the bigger the better is the general rule, but record gold prices during this year's wedding season are forcing many to compromise. 

Victoria Beckham Covers Vogue India In November 2008

There she goes again, covering another Vogue. Posh is wonderful and… she has exactly the same expression on the cover photo and for another picture from the inside layout.
Too bad they had to use a wig. It’s so obvious! If only she could put on her friendly face, maybe the magazine’s sales would break records! I’m still waiting for more pictures to see if she has the same expression for the entire pictorial (that’s supposed to be about the Indian Bride! Oh, if all brides could look so sad, there would be no more marriages!) As for the outfit, Posh can pull out pretty much everything, so she dons a great sari-look for this Vogue, wouldn’t you think? (photos via tfs)

Victoria Beckham for Vogue India November 2008 cover
Victoria Beckham for Vogue India November 2008 the indian bride

Brides Should Shop Online for Bridal Dress

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Online shopping has become the most preferred mode of shopping nowadays. It is convenient also. Especially for women it is very beneficial. Why? Here is the answer. Everybody knows women are very selective while shopping and takes long time. They go from store to store in search of dresses. Even if she likes dress still she goes to another store to look for better one. After she is fully satisfied she does a purchase.
Seeing all this bride is advised to do their shopping online only. If for a simple dress you take so much of time then how much you will take while looking for wedding dress. Do purchase your bridal dress online, it is a very serious advice to you.
Shopping online for bridal dress is a very effective way to subdue the hassles of physical shopping. Also you will get ample variety in styles, colors, designs and cuts there. Online stores are very good to shop for bridal dress of your choice and taste. Its greatest advantage is you can shop at any time and till any time duration.
Find the right store for you. Then only your shopping will properly settle down. Payment procedures are very simple at online stores as you can use your credit or debit card or pay-pal account for shopping online. Best part is your order will be delivered right at your doorstep.
Looking for bridal dress online is very simple as you just need to type right keywords. You can type specific keywords also. Type of keywords you can type are red bridal dress, A-line bridal dress, bridal saree, lehnga style bridal saree, embroidered lehenga choli, fish cut chaniya choli and so on. The only disadvantage of online shopping is that you cannot try out before purchasing. Therefore give correct size. But apart from this there are only advantages of purchasing online.
Make your bridal shopping a very sweet experience by shopping online.

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